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The Adoption Process: Preparing For Your Home Study

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Uncategorized |

As a potential adoptive parent, does your stomach drop when you think about your upcoming home study? If so, you are not alone! Having a social worker inspect your home is the portion of the adoption process that many potential parents find the most intimidating. Preparing yourself and your home in advance can help keep your nerves at bay as you anticipate this important step toward adopting your child. Know What They’re Looking For Your social worker has probably already assured you that they will not be performing a white-glove test on your bookcases or looking for dust bunnies under the bed. Wasting your efforts on cleaning tasks that won’t matter (like organizing your closet) will just make you feel more stressed out. It will also take energy and time away from doing the things that your social worker is actually looking for. Some things that you do not need to do in advance of having your home visit include complete babyproofing, setting up a nursery or having a wardrobe of clothing ready for the child. These can all be accomplished later. Provide a Safe Place for a Child What your social worker is looking for is a safe and healthy place where a child would thrive and grow. In general, your home should be clean (though not necessarily spotless) and reasonably tidy. You will need to have a room designated for the baby or child, though it does not have to have all of the furnishings and decorations set up yet. Your licensed adoption agency will likely give you a list of items you need to have and things you need to do. Here are a few that you might not have thought of: Your pets need to be healthy and vaccinated. Have their veterinary records handy. You will need smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home. Make sure they have batteries! You will need at least one fire extinguisher. Your hot water heater should be set at 120 degrees, as higher water temperatures could scald a child. Your medications and cleaning chemicals need to be out of reach of a child. Note that all of these items are easily fixed if you were to forget to do one of them. Remember that your adoption agency wants you to succeed; they will go over any concerns with you and give you a chance to rectify them. Don’t be afraid that you will have to start over from square one if you were to misplace your dog’s rabies vaccine certificate! Prepare for the Interview It should ease your mind to know that most of the time, if something in an adoptive parent’s past or present would prevent an adoption from taking place, it would come up before the home interview. While being interviewed in your home can be a stress-inducing experience, it’s not likely to have a negative impact on the adoption process. For example, your adoption agency already knows that you have passed background checks, are not a sex offender and have passed any psychological testing that they’ve required. If you have children already, they will be part of the interview if they are old enough. This alone can worry you; children have the uncanny ability to remember every transgression their parents have made, and may...

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Get Kids To Exercise By Turning Your Backyard Into A Recreational Area

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According to, 1 in 3 kids today are overweight, and many of these kids are considered obese. This problem can be attributed to many reasons; however, as a parent, you have a huge influence in your child’s size and weight. If you want to help your children stay healthy and help them avoid gaining too much weight, you may want to consider turning your backyard into a recreational area. Here are some ideas to use and information about how this can help. Get a Swimming Pool Swimming is one of the best summer activities for children because it offers so many different benefits. Not only is swimming a good activity for your child’s emotional health, but it is also a great way for the child to burn calories. In addition, swimming offers the following health benefits too: It is one of the best activities for cardiovascular health – Cardiovascular health refers to a person’s heart and lungs, and swimming is an exercise that can strengthen both of these. It is also ideal for kids with asthma, and it may even help reduce the symptoms a child suffers from. Swimming helps improve stamina and strength – When your children swim, they will actually be building their muscles and their endurance. This could help them succeed in other sports, and it can help them with their overall health. It is a great activity for weight control – Swimming keeps kids moving and gets them off the couch. The more active your children are, the more likely they are to be within the correct guidelines for weight and size. The downside to this is that buying a swimming pool can be extremely costly. While owning a swimming pool is great for kids and adults, your children may not be able to use it as often needed to get these benefits, because swimming requires parental supervision and is not something a child can do alone. Other Ideas If you cannot afford a swimming pool, there are many other items you can purchase that could have similar effects. These items are all very affordable, and they are fun for kids of all ages. Trampoline Whether you purchase a regular size trampoline or a mini one, your child can reap numerous benefits from using it. A trampoline is best known as something you jump on. As your child spends hours jumping on this device, he or she receive the following benefits: Building muscles – Jumping primarily builds muscles in the legs, but it may also build muscles in other areas too. Cleaning the lymphatic system – Jumping is also useful for cleaning your child’s lymphatic system, and this is beneficial for the entire body. Losing weight – Any activity that gets the heart pumping can help a person lose weight or control weight. Not to mention, jumping on a trampoline is also extremely fun for kids of all ages. Basketball Hoop Another idea you could consider is getting a basketball hoop for your children to use. Playing basketball is not only a great way to stay healthy, but it can also help a child build motor skills. In addition to the physical benefits, basketball is a sport that improves a child’s mental abilities. If your children are small, you may want to consider purchasing...

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Wedding Gown Shopping Tips: Choose The Perfect Dress, Not The Perfect Mess

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When you’ve tried on endless dresses and find The Dress,  you’ll be excited and relieved. Of course, you want your dress to make you look amazing, but there is more to a wedding dress than how well it shows off your curves. Here are some small things that many brides may not think about that could be the difference between a perfect dress and a perfect nightmare on the big day. The Fabric Lace, flowing silk chiffon, and layers of light organza are all part of the current trends in wedding dresses. However, buying a dress in a certain fabric can mean some uncomfortable realties for you. For example: sleeves trimmed in lace may look bohemian, but they can also become irritating to the skin when you move your arms. You may not notice this in the bridal shop, but after wearing your dress for a few hours, you’ll find you’re scratching at your arms. If you must get lace sleeves, make sure the lace is finished with a smooth edge, because some styles of french lace are finished with lashes of thread for increased elegance.  a heavily beaded dress needs a heavy style of fabric, boning, and lining in order to prevent the beading from creating runs or drooping. Beading looks great in photos, but if you’re getting married in the summertime, you’ll find a beaded bodice hot, especially for outdoor pictures and receptions. lighter fabrics are more likely to cling to your body. You may love the Greek goddess look of a draping organza, but this fabric is more likely to cling to the legs and is more prone to static. If you love the dress but hate the cling factor, consider buying a slip in a heavy fabric that will keep the lighter material from settling on your skin. The Hassle Do you love the look of all those little buttons coming up the back? Can you see you see yourself walking up the aisle with a full-length chapel train? These are gorgeous additions to any gown design, but you have to be prepared for the extra work that they will take. When buying a wedding dress: make sure there is an easy way to bustle the train. You’ll need to get around and your don’t want your dress to be dragging in the dirt. The bustle should be simple enough that one person in your wedding party can put it up and down in a few seconds. If the dress you buy does not have a bustle installed, be sure to add that to your list of needed alterations.  consider a zipper closure with faux buttons. Getting into and out of your dress can take a while if those little buttons actually need to be hooked through the loops. Also, lace up dresses require the experience and dedication of a mother or bridesmaid, so make sure you leave enough time. A well-incorporated zipper closure can be virtually invisible on the back of dress, so don’t shy away from zippers– they are definitely easiest for you. pay attention to how easily you can move and walk in the dress. Can you sit down? Pose for pictures? Mermaid dresses show off a figure beautifully, but they can hinder movement if they are tight. When trying on a...

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Stress During Pregnancy, It’s Effects And Soultions To Stress

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Pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned, can be a very stressful time for the pregnant woman, her partner, surrounding family and existing children. Some of the frequent concerns that arise during pregnancy and give rise to stress are as follows: Relationships with family, friends and partners Financial concerns Health, nutritional and eating disorders Life changing issues Hormonal shifts and mental health Rather than suffer through negative feelings that are building up, it is far better to enjoy a stress-free pregnancy, better for your health and the health of your baby. One of the ways that you can enjoy a stress-free pregnancy is by getting pregnancy counseling when issues arise. And you can click here to find out more. Stress, Anxiety And Tensions Can Hurt You And Your Baby Studies have shown that pregnant woman with clinical anxiety are more likely to suffer postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and greater physical ailments during pregnancy. They have a higher incidence of post-traumatic stress symptoms following child birth. High levels of stress and anxiety during pregnancy have multiple risks:      greater tendency toward premature birth lower Apgar scores low birth weight Treatment Options Anxiety, heightened tension and stress are normal occurrences during pregnancy. When managing the underlying issues becomes impossible and your the doctor recommends serious action, you are beyond the boundaries of normal maladies. A counselor can help deal with stresses and frustrations before they become overwhelming and immediate clinical intervention. A counselor can provide techniques for coping and relaxing before the issues become insurmountable. When you relax your baby feels your release of tension and will relax too. Couples find pregnancy counseling effective to address stresses that build up and can become out of control often as a result of a misaligned expectations. In some instances a wife might feel she had already changed to address new upcoming responsibilities or the husband wanted to enjoy the remaining childless time with his wife. Several approaches have been successful in treating severe clinical anxiety and stress during pregnancy: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in at least one study has been a successful treatment during pregnancy. This is a form of psychotherapy for treating anxiety-driven behaviors and negative thinking that lead to self-destructive activities. Psychopharmacology or prescription medication including psychotropics can be an option. Psych-education in counseling and managing the anxiety producing symptoms through education has proven helpful to pregnant women. Treatment for anxiety disorders using benzodiazepines has reduced anxiety symptoms, but some medications are risky for the fetus. Panic disorders, claustrophobia, OCD, (GAD) General Anxiety Disorder are not uncommon stress related disorders that can be treated with medications. CBT has been successful in the treatment of anxiety disorders but there have been few studies specifically with pregnant women. There is some evidence that pregnancy may exacerbate stress through a physiological mechanism. The pregnant woman suffering extreme stress and anxiety may have thoughts of a catastrophic delivery, nightmares are not uncommon and panic attacks can come on as a result of elevated breathing. Other Methods For Reducing Stress Under normal circumstances of pregnancy that have not reached neurosis or psychosis, there are many ways to address normal but uncomfortable stress. Exercise is a great stress reducer. Pregnancy is not a time to avoid exercise unless your doctor has told you otherwise. It can be a...

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